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Dr. Michael Hall and Michelle Duval created the coaching methodology known as meta coaching. International training and certification programs for coaches using the Meta Coaching methodology are offered by the Meta Coach Federation. In order to assist clients recognize and get rid of their limiting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours, Meta Coaching employs a highly structured and exacting coaching process. The Neuro-Semantic Meta-States model, the Axes of Change model, and the Self-Actualization Quadrants model are just a few of the tools and methods that Meta Coaches employ to assist clients in achieving their desired results.

On the other side, Performance Coaching is a coaching strategy that has received approval and accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Performance Coaching is a more all-encompassing coaching method that concentrates on assisting clients in achieving their professional and personal objectives, such as raising performance, developing leadership abilities, and boosting overall effectiveness. Performance coaches assist clients in identifying their strengths and shortcomings, setting specific goals, creating action plans, and tracking their progress using a variety of coaching strategies and tools.

The degree of structure and methodology between Meta Coaching and Performance Coaching is one of the key distinctions. In order to assist clients in achieving their intended objectives, Meta Coaching employs a variety of tools and approaches while adhering to a strict coaching framework. Contrarily, performance coaching is a more adaptable and flexible coaching methodology that enables coaches to employ a range of coaching methods and resources to address the unique requirements and objectives of their clients.

The emphasis of the coaching is another distinction. Although Performance Coaching is focused on helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals and improve their overall performance and effectiveness, Meta Coaching is focused on assisting clients in identifying and overcoming their limiting beliefs, patterns, and behaviours.

In conclusion, both Meta Coaching and Performance Coaching are coaching methods intended to assist clients in achieving their desired results, but they vary in their degree of structure and methodology, as well as their particular focus and manner of coaching, strengths and weaknesses, establish precise objectives, create action plans, and track the results.

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